Identifying your body shape is the first step toward finding the most flattering dress fit. It’s not just about wearing the most fashionable attire; it’s also about emphasizing your best characteristics. Any wardrobe can be elevated by flattering your body form. To help you select the most flattering dress this season, we’ve put up this guide that will take you by the hand and lead you through the shopping process!

The four body kinds we’ll be focusing on the most are:

Athletic Round Hourglass Pear (or triangle)

To figure out which body type you are, use the chart above.

1. A timepiece

Hourglass bodies have a voluptuous silhouette with proportional hips and busts. Individuals with this body type have a “balanced” upper torso in relation to their leg length. Hourglass shapes have well-defined waists as well, which should be highlighted!

The Most Appropriate Outfits for You: Look for gowns with the following features:

  • V-necklines
  • Necklines that are open
  • Waistlines that are cinched in
  • Tops with a slim fit

Hourglass shapes might also benefit from wrap qixiong hanfu dress with belted waists.

What to Avoid Wearing:

  • Baby doll outfits
  • Styles with no defined shape
  • Styles with empire waists
  • Dresses with extra length

2. The Pear (or Triangle)

The Triangle Body Type: Triangle body types feature a slimmer upper body and larger hips and thighs. Triangle body shapes should choose clothes with more volume in the upper part to appear more balanced and proportionate.

The Most Appropriate Outfits for You: Any outfit that includes a:

  • Top with no straps
  • A V-neckline with a fitted open neck

Skirts with an a-line or a full skirt (these will help hide a wider hip)

Dresses with bust detailing will help to produce a balancing appearance. Keep in mind that if you choose a dress with a fitting waist, you’ll most likely need to size up and have the waist altered by a seamstress. In brief, flare and fit dresses will look great on you because they are roomier from the waist down and provide volume to your slim upper body and narrow waist!

What to Avoid Wearing:

  • Styles that are oversized or shapeless
  • Skirts with a lot of volume
  • Hemlines that are extremely short
  • Fabrics that hug your curves.

3. Sportsmanship

Your Body: If you have an athletic body, your hips and shoulders are slightly narrower than your shoulders. Athletic body types also feature larger shoulders and a lack of definition in their waists. It’s crucial to balance your upper body with your narrower lower body when you have this body type. To put it another way, you want to give your physique a more hourglass shape.

The Most Appropriate Outfits for You: Any dress that will fill your slight hips and balance your upper body, such as dresses with:

  • Embellishment \sRuffles
  • Any extra information that will increase the volume.

A-lines and waistlines that are a little lower are really attractive. Dresses with a small flair are excellent for you because they help balance out your large shoulders!

Thick straps, halter tops, dresses with ruching and draping, U-necklines, and V-necklines will all help play up the curves of your body and make your bust seem its best for athletic body types with bigger busts! Choose a dress with a tight midsection if you want to give your body a more feminine contour.

What Not to Wear: Hemlines that are too short will make your top appear heavier than it is, so avoid them at all costs. If you are athletic and have a larger bust, avoid strapless dresses and dresses with insufficient support (i.e. spaghetti straps). Fabrics that stretch through the torso, as well as dresses with details/shirring/ruffles on the bust, fall into this category.

Apple No. 4 (or Round)

Your Body: Women with apple body types tend to carry their weight in their midsections and have thin legs and a shorter, undefined waist. Apple body types have flatter bottoms as well.

Dresses that Draw Attention to Your Upper Body: Any dress that attracts attention to your upper body is a terrific choice. This criterion is met by belted styles, drop-waist dresses, swing dresses, and dresses with an embellished top or an empire waist. Dresses with voluminous skirts, a-line dresses, and wrap dresses are also good choices for concealing the tummy. Because the legs of apple body types are a great asset, feel free to show them off with shorter dresses!

What to Avoid Wearing: Anything that draws attention to your stomach, such as:

  • Lines that run horizontally
  • waistlines that aren’t too tight
  • Tops with a tight fit

5. Miniature

Petite ladies with a slim body type (less than 5 feet 3 inches) have their own category, according to certain stylists. Fitted dresses with a belt around the waist to accentuate their slim physique and dresses with a belt around the waist to help produce a more flattering form are recommended for these women. Asymmetrical hemlines can help you appear taller, and short dresses that enable you to show a little leg can go a long way. Finally, slim-fitting dresses with vertical patterns or pleating and a V-neckline can help to lengthen your figure.


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