It’s a great opportunity for Redditors, as the site’s users are known, to stay up to date with what’s happening online, take part in open discussions about common interests, obtain assistance from passionate specialized communities, and, of course, spread memes.

Reddit may appear to be a refuge for snark and sarcasm to outsiders who are unfamiliar with how to use it, where anonymity is prevalent and users engage in strange inside jokes and compete with one another for upvotes.

When compared to TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, or any other online platform, Reddit is a completely different universe. Thus, Snoo, the recognizable alien from Reddit seen in the header of this article, serves as a perfect mascot for this peculiar, enormously successful community-based website.

But there are numerous benefits to spending some time becoming familiar with upvote shop Reddit.

Reddit, which calls itself “the first page of the internet,” is the 16th most popular social media network with 52 million daily active members and a $10 billion valuation.

Reddit is also where a lot of viral content first gains popularity. Here, intriguing people and famous people invite the public to “ask me anything,” and discussion on every subject imaginable takes place.

There is a subreddit for (nearly) anything, from r/CatsStandingUp, which is basically just a collection of images of cats… standing up, to r/Fitness for exercise and nutrition fanatics.

Not even among the top 100 oddest things on Reddit is this subreddit.

Reddit can significantly improve your life and—despite its overall distaste for marketing—your business once you get past its confusing-looking layout, grasp the fundamentals of how “sharing” functions on the platform, and become familiar with its subtleties.

Recognizing the fundamentals of Reddit

You first need to know that while Reddit thrives on anonymity, openness keeps it in control.

Reddit thrives on anonymity, but openness keeps it in check.

Unless you intend to invest in your own personal brand, it is strongly advised against using your real name or birth year as your username. The best use of Reddit is to speak and interact with people openly. This is because other users can easily view your complete posting and commenting history, which makes it simple for the community to police itself and determine a person’s authenticity based on previous website behavior.

It’s simple enough to create an account. You only need to provide your email if you want to validate your account for long-term use; otherwise, all you need is a username and password.

Because of this, it’s usual for users to have one or two “primary” identities they rely on and a number of “throwaway accounts” they only use sometimes.

You’ll immediately be subscribed to a number of well-known subreddits after signing up, such as r/videos and r/gifs, but you should also look for and subscribe to other subreddits based on your interests.

Reddit’s subreddits, which are specialized communities with their own rules, followers, and postings, are identified by the URL structure

A subreddit’s posts can be sorted by the following filters: Hot, New, Rising, Controversial, and Top submissions.

Join r/somethingimade or r/crafts if you’re like handmade crafts.

If you own your own company, you may want to comment in r/Entrepreneur or r/smallbusiness.

You should probably visit r/Cooking or r/AskCulinary if you enjoy cooking.

You can even build your own subreddit if the one you desire doesn’t already exist (though that’s rare).

Reddit’s language should be studied

On Reddit, users frequently use both “internet talk” and platform-specific jargon with ease. You will eventually learn a wide variety of terminology and abbreviations.

To help you understand this weird new world, here is a dictionary of phrases used often on Reddit, many of which will be discussed in more detail later on in this article:

A glossary of terminology from Reddit

An upvote is a vote in favor of a post or comment that demonstrates its worth to the subreddit or conversation.

Downvote: A derogatory vote that suggests a post or comment is unimportant, self-promotional, or adds nothing of value.

Karma: Your account’s quality on Reddit is reflected in both your post and comment karma. These points are solely there to offer the community an idea of your credibility and experience as a Redditor and are awarded depending on the upvotes you receive from your actions on Reddit.

Reddit Gold is a premium membership that comes with extra features. You can purchase it for yourself or give it to users you believe have made noteworthy contributions to Reddit.

The person who originally shared the post on which the comment is made is the OP (original poster).

A moderator is an account with unique abilities to ban and delete users, posts, and comments as they see fit. They monitor the subreddit to ensure that its rules are being obeyed.

TL;DR: (too long; skipped it) a succinct summary that describes a lengthy body of text in only a few words, typically in a long text post.

The term “X-post” (cross post) refers to the sharing of a post from one Reddit subreddit to another by including the URL of the original contribution plus the phrase “X-post from [original subreddit]” in the title. This is regarded as the appropriate method for sharing content across various subreddits.

Reposting refers to publishing something that has already been discussed in a subreddit. Try to prevent this by checking to see if your link has already been shared on the subreddit.

Actively browsing a subreddit while making no contributions at all. This is how a lot of people use Reddit.

Throwaway account: A Reddit account that was not intended for long-term use and is not the user’s primary account. A user may have many accounts created for various purposes.

Original content (OC) is anything that users have produced themselves rather than reposting from another source.

IRL (in real life) refers to your actual experiences outside of your online Reddit identity and is a synonym for the offline world.

Not safe for work (NSFW) content is explicit or improper and should not be opened in public. The title of the post typically contains this information to caution readers before they click the link.

FTFY (fixed that for you): A typographical or factual correction made, or occasionally used as a wry remark.

TIL (today I learnt): Information that a user has discovered today that they may not have known yesterday due to the internet. These lessons are covered in-depth on the r/todayilearned subreddit.

Redditors are invited to ask any questions they may have in a “AMA” (ask me anything) with the assurance that the user will respond. “I am a [anything unique/interesting about you], ask me anything,” is the typical opening line. You can find examples on r/AMA.

Shadow banning: Since a person with a banned account can create another one, “shadow banning” is a unique penalty where the user is ignorant that they are banned because all of their future posts are virtually hidden from everyone else’s view than having their account closed.

Added to your display name in a particular subreddit, flair (some are defined by the mods, and some let you create your own). You may occasionally be required by the subreddit’s rules to use a flair to identify yourself as a certain kind of poster.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and you shouldn’t expect to understand it all right immediately, but it’s a useful resource to keep on hand as you learn more about Reddit.

Reddiquette: Comprehending Reddit’s guidelines

Wherever you post online, good manners are crucial. On Reddit, though, where it’s simple to hide behind anonymity and participate in abuse, spam, and covert self-promotion, it’s much more crucial.

There is one straightforward rule that applies to Reddit’s own rules, or Reddiquette, which you may read about in detail here:

Every activity strives to add value while putting the community’s needs first.

Ask yourself if your posting is relevant to the subreddit and quickly search to see if it’s already been put there before you submit it.

When you comment, upvote, or downvote on a post, think about how it affects the overall success of the subreddit.

Reddit commenting and sharing differ greatly from, say, Facebook, as you’ll shortly discover.

Adding duplicate content or making comments like “That’s amusing” or “Cute dog” won’t earn you points; posting anything original, clever, perceptive, or instructional will.

You can find the rules and regulations for each subreddit in the right sidebar.

These regulations are upheld by a combination of:

Manual moderation by the moderators of the subreddit

Moderator “bots” that automate the process of flagging posts that violate certain guidelines
Through the downvoting and reporting systems, the subreddit’s community
It’s advisable to consider that each subreddit is unique from the others and to spend some time getting to know them before contributing. You risk having your post removed or being banned from the subreddit if you break the rules.

Reddit posting and commenting

Reddit’s system for measuring each user’s contributions is called karma, and it is earned through posting and commenting on the site.

Reddit accepts the following two categories of submissions, while some subreddits may only accept one or the other:

  • Post: Consolidate into a text-based post that you can structure and link to in order to spark a debate.
  • Share images with a caption to illustrate a point.
  • Link: Send readers who click through on your post directly to a website or other piece of content.
  • Ask for opinions on anything and encourage Redditors to cast their ballots.
  • Talk: Organize gatherings, AMAs, hangouts, and establish live audio connections with other Redditors.

When you’re ready to publish, click Post on your subreddit’s “Create a post” tab to submit these.

To ensure you are not reposting an existing post before submitting, use Reddit’s search function (Redditors frown upon this). Here are some pointers on how to narrow down your searches.

Gaining traction on Reddit depends on timing, the text you publish, and the subreddit you post to. If your post receives enough upvotes and comments quickly enough, it may rise to the top of the subreddit and eventually appear on Reddit’s home page, where millions of users will view it.

How to quickly increase your Reddit karma

Reddit encourages anonymity, and users frequently have many accounts, therefore the karma system is how Reddit establishes legitimacy. Reddit will take you more seriously the more karma you have. However, there are two types: comment karma and post karma.

It’s a good idea to participate in the comments on both your own submissions and other people’s posts since you get post karma for the upvotes you receive on posts and comment karma for the upvotes you receive on your comments. Additionally, you will lose karma if your individual posts or comments are irrelevant and receive enough downvotes to bring the total below zero.

On Reddit, there is no quick way to increase your karma. You must constantly make valuable contributions to the platform.

However, there are methods to get you started:

Make a list of the extremely specialized subreddits where you have something to offer as an expert or enthusiast. Then click the New tab to check if there are any questions there that you can respond to.

Ask or respond to questions on r/AskReddit to earn post and comment karma.
Do your best to include Reddit submissions in your normal browsing routine. Post it on one of the hugely popular subreddits on this list, or wherever it would be most appropriate, if you come across anything that should be shared.

Free resources to enhance your Reddit usage

The following free tools can help you improve your Reddit game and have better success with your postings.

Suite for Reddit Enhancement. (A must!) Reddit is improved with this Chrome extension, which makes it simpler to structure posts and enables you to quickly check in on particular people. You essentially get more features and some of the premium Reddit Gold membership’s benefits for free.

Notifier. You can access Reddit mentions with this app. Receive notifications when your brand name or terms connected to your products are mentioned. You can immediately respond to a discussion after receiving an alert to alter how Redditors see your brand.

RedditMetis. a tool for analyzing Reddit users. Analyze the data from your Reddit account, including the most popular posts and activity.

for Reddit later. Schedule your posts to go out at the optimum hour and day of the week to post to a particular subreddit. This knowledge is priceless for increasing the visibility of your posts.

Redditlist. Find the top subreddits for your company based on activity during the past 24 hours, subscriber count, and growth.

You’ll find it simpler to succeed on Reddit if you use these tools in tandem.

Using Reddit for business purposes

The Reddit community works very hard to maintain its credibility. Users will go out of their way to investigate questionable activities by looking through the posting history of an account to determine its legitimacy.

Reddit usually despises self-promotion, shameless marketing, URL shorteners, and anything else that gives the impression that you are just using Reddit to market your goods or services. Just take a peek at r/HailCorporate to get a sense of how despised this conduct is by Redditors.

Reddit can still be helpful for business owners, despite this. When it comes to useful information regarding products, Redditors rely on the platform. According to reports, more than 90 percent of people who use Reddit for product research believe the information they find there.

Although you might be tempted to utilize your anonymity to slyly post a link to your products on, say, r/shutupandtakemymoney, there’s a danger this could go wrong and damage the reputation of your business.

Once you’ve established some karma and a respectable posting history, you may start using Reddit to expand and enhance your company. Let’s have a look at the kinds of content that can be published on the platform, regardless of whether you are a new or existing company.

1. Purchase Reddit adverts

Recent research showed that Reddit purchase journeys result in longer research sessions, nine times faster buy choices, and 15% more expenditure compared to other social platforms.

Reddit advertising is one of the safest ways to promote your products. With Reddit advertisements, you can target users according to the subreddits they’ve joined, allowing you to reach out to some extremely specialized, extremely passionate areas.

The cost-per-impression (CPM) model employed by Reddit advertising differs from the cost-per-click (CPC) model that you might be accustomed to from Facebook advertisements or Google Ads.

2. Highlight bargains on the appropriate subreddits

Every topic on Reddit has its own subreddit, including bargains. You can post your discount code or sale information in forums like r/deals, where knowledgeable consumers frequently congregate.

3. Community management and customer service

Both small and large brands should think about keeping an eye out for and responding to brand mentions on Reddit. On Reddit, a lot of people ask questions about prospective purchases, complain about businesses, and discuss other things you should be on the lookout for. Increased Redditor involvement and increased sales can result from a community management strategy.

4. Add an intriguing message (that happens to do with your business)

While Reddit may not enjoy marketing, it does value authenticity. Many entrepreneurs see their firm as an extension of their lives, so mentioning it won’t seem out of character in some situations.

Look at how Findlay Hats did it (and made $28,000 as a result).

5. If you have a compelling tale, take the AMA.

An AMA on Reddit is a great way to increase the visibility of your business and develop your personal brand. I am the CEO of ______, so please post on r/AMA or find a similar post and comment on it. Any questions?

From the average person, like this car salesperson, to Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, AMAs are held. Reddit will have some interesting questions for you as long as you can establish yourself as someone with distinctive insight.

Curate viral content, please

Good stuff may be found in abundance on Reddit. You can receive a consistent supply of high-caliber content to curate by subscribing to the subreddits that are relevant to the market you’re selling in. This content includes articles, videos, GIFs, and more.

7. Employ local or distant talent

Like any other social network, Reddit may be used to find and hire certain skills. If you’re trying to employ someone locally to work full-time, you can post about the position in the subreddit for your city or area (for example, r/Toronto if you’re hiring in Toronto). For example, if you’re looking for a copywriter, you may post on the subreddits devoted to that talent (r/copywriting, for example).

8. Market analysis and comments

Depending on the topic, you can ask a subreddit’s members for input on your website or product concept. Especially if you are a new member, exercise caution and transparency while doing this in non-business-related subreddits.

Ask for advice on business-related Reddit subreddits like r/Entrepreneur when in doubt.

9. Hold a competition on a subreddit

Running a piece of content can interact with a subreddit in a way that adds value. You can get in touch with the moderators of a subreddit (you can find them on the sidebar) and work out a deal if you want to run a contest or giveaway.


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