A second scenario is when husband and wife split up and have to share their property. How can I find out if my spouse or husband has all of their accounts? It is unlikely that anyone will give useful information out of their own free will.

The court will also find out the financial status of the wife if she collects money to pay her maintenance. A person’s financial situation can be analyzed by looking at his property and the cash flows into his bank accounts.

Information is everything

This means that information regarding the accounts and the flow of funds can have a significant impact on the outcome of any court case. There is nothing left but to find out how to obtain the information.

You have to.

It is easiest to find out where the money is kept by the other spouse. This information is often shared by spouses, but what about if one spouse lives a secret lifestyle?

To obtain information from Tax Authority regarding the bank accounts of the debtor, a petition must be prepared and submitted to the court. You can make the petition as follows.

I request the court to ask for the Interdistrict Inspection of the Federal Tax Service of Russia No. 8 information for Kaliningrad (in the form Nr. 67f) Information about Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov’s presence with open and close bank accounts during the period January 1, 2017, through the present. It includes the name of the bank and its location.

It’s in the bag

We receive information about the debtor’s accounts open and closed, and we create a new petition to request the banks concerned about the cash flow during the period.

We can access information about the money of the defendant, which can be used at our discretion. If we are certain that the defendant held a large amount of money in an account previously unknown at the time of marriage, we can ask for fifty percent as a marital share. You can also present the information as evidence of the other’s financial strength.

There’s no need to run to the court

Alimony is another matter. Many debtors relax. Let’s suppose you have a writ for execution. You know that the debtor is in business, even though he pays nothing.

We use the executive document to obtain information from the Tax Authority about the debtor’s financial accounts. We also find out how much money has been passed through the accounts and we collect half of it.

Can you be charged?

One little-known fact is what I am most interested in. This can be considered abuse of the right if the debtor fails to fulfill his obligations or pays money but receives money from other accounts. Inform the creditors that the debtor is attempting to evade payments for alimony and other debts. You can also apply to the relevant authorities, for more information check out the family law lawyers surrey.



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