Raid Shadow Legends, one of the most ambitious mobile games on today’s market, is among them. It provides players with unique experiences that are both competitive and thrilling. You should also look at the Raid Shadow Legends Tier List when you play the game. There are over 100 powerful Champions you can pull for. Every Champion is crucial to your ability to build an army and win the game.

This article will give you a look at the Raid Shadow Legends Tier List and the game’s offerings.

What is Raid Shadow Legends?

Raid Shadow Legends is a turn based roleplaying game. It features multiple player modes and a gacha system. There are also massive campaign maps that will appeal to most best RAID teams. The game is quite ambitious, with 13 different player modes and hundreds upon hundreds of Champions. These things may seem daunting to some players but they are what make the game appealing.

Players must recruit and train warriors to create the most powerful raid party possible in the world Teleria. It’s a straightforward plot, and that’s what the game is all about. Its story is not very interesting, but its main focus lies on the Champions.

Like other RPGs the Champions in Raid shadow Legends can make or break your game. Raid Shadow Legends’ tier list is extensive as there are over 100 Champions you can obtain with the gacha system. However, to give you an idea of the potential outcomes, we have compiled a list of Champions you might like to see in the sections below.

Raid Shadow Legends – Champion Rarities

The game has a lot of characters so it is possible to get lost with all the information. It’s best to use rarity for easier differentiation. Raid Shadow Legends offers five (5) rare types of rarity. These are:


These are the Champions you will encounter early in the game. These Champions can be used to upgrade your party with a Champion of a higher rarity. It is not a good idea to invest in rare Champions.


These rare Champions will be your team’s champions when you get serious about the game. Once you have them, however, rare characters can easily replace Champions of this category. Uncommon Champions are often useful or supportive when you have Champions of higher rarity.

You’re ready to go once you have a Rare character. You’ll be able to use them as a key part of your team and as your top performers over time.


Although they are more difficult to find, these have incredible stats that will help you build your army. These are also very useful and have combat capabilities that you may want to concentrate on.


Although they are rarer than other rarities, Legendary Champions are the best. These rare gems will be a great help to your team.

Raid Shadow Legends has rarity as a major component. However, it is important to remember that Champions are only as good as their players. If you don’t upgrade or level them, they won’t be able to carry the team.

The Best Champions for Beginners

It’s best for beginners to concentrate on Champions that are Uncommon or Rare, as these will make up the majority of your arsenal. These are the top Champions for Beginners:

Athel is your primary attack character when building your first army, or one you will be carrying for a while. You can choose him at any time, and he’s great for dealing with critical hits.

Consider getting a character such as Sniper for your primary defense. She can be used from the beginning to mid-game. Satyr is a great option for your health point as he can deal damage and is easy to get.

You might also consider a Reliquary Tender for support. They’ll be there until the end of the game and you can rely on them.

Best Champions for Seasoned Player

Raid Shadow is a tier that experienced players should pay attention to. It ranges from rare to legendary rarity and you will be able encounter more of them. You might also have them in your inventory. Here are the top Champions for experienced players.

You have two options: keep your starter character as your main attacker or use Rugnor Goldgleam as your attack character. He can deal a lot of damage and is great for all player modes.

If you already have Tayrel, it is worth adding him to your army. He is a powerful defense character and also serves as an all-rounder who provides excellent support. Ursuga Warcaller, which can buff your allies and boost their HP in all combats, is a good option for your health point.

Madame Serris, a support character that can help with both battle and grinding, is last but not least. Her abilities can remove buffs and make enemies easier to defeat.

Raid Shadow Legends Tier List – The Best Champions To Have

The game’s play style is entirely up to you. There are Champions that are simply a cut above all the rest. These are the top Champions in Raid Shadow Legends, no matter how experienced or new you are.


The Legendary Champion, the Arbiter, has high base stats. Although she is primarily a support Champion, the Arbiter can buff allies, deal with foes and even revive allies. She is the Champion that can keep your army going for the long-term.


Zavia is another Legendary Champion you may want to own. Her attack character can do incredible damage and even poison enemies. You will always have an advantage in battle with her.

A Miscreated Monster

You might want the Miscreated Monster as a health point character. He is an Epic Champion and can protect your team. He can heal both themselves and their allies. They can be used in nearly every game mode and are guaranteed to be very useful.


The Defense Champion, Peydma, is the final one. The Epic Champion can steal buffs, reduce enemy attacks, and keep themselves alive during battle. These Epic Champions are great for grinding or any other mode that requires long gameplay. They can do a lot of damage to your opponents, making them a great Champion.

Raid Shadow Legends Champion Tips

You should also study the Raid Shadow Legends Tier List when managing your army of Champions. Here are some tips to help you manage your formidable army.

Play first, upgrade later

While you’ll need to upgrade your starter characters or team members at some point, it is worth playing through the game first to learn the game and then upgrading the characters you already have. It’s not a good idea to spend precious resources on characters you may end up putting away. You also don’t want characters you won’t be able to use in the future. You should upgrade your starter or rare character as they will be the ones that carry you through to mid-game.

Get familiar with Roles

You can use your Champions in whatever way you like. Some characters are only good for one purpose. To help you manage expectations and to prepare for when you receive a Champion, it’s better to be familiar with the roles of each character. This will allow you to make the most of your Champion abilities.

These are the roles of Raid Shadow Legends:

  • Attack Primary damage dealers. Your primary line of defense during battles.
  • Defense Champions that are difficult to kill, wield defensive debuffs and use a variety of other tactics.
  • Health Point They can also be considered Tanks. They can take a beating, and sometimes they can heal your allies. They can also repel attacks from weaker Champions, preventing them from dying sooner.
  • Support Your Support Champions give buffs and healing to the army. Although they aren’t usually the primary damage-dealers, they can be if they are built well.

Keep Epic and Legendary Champions

It is possible that beginners don’t know about the rarity and importance of Epic or Legendary Champions when they start the game. It is possible that they don’t even realize the rarity of Legendary and Epic Champions. However, it would be better to have a stash of Epic or Legendary characters or to use them at the beginning. They have higher base stats and are ideally stronger than others. These characters might not be visible for quite some time so keep an eye out.

You can’t always rely on your champions for victory. Players must also complete certain tasks to ensure that they are progressing. Here are some tips to help you win Raid Shadow Legends or make progress.

Don’t Waste Resources

Raid is a freemium title that can make you feel like you’re investing more. You don’t have to do that. However, if you want the game to work effectively and you don’t need to spend a lot, be careful with how much you spend. You should keep them safe and only use them when absolutely necessary. You might be tempted to use them in boss fights or for upgrading champions. However, it is better to keep them safe and not to use them immediately.

Invest in Your Champions

This game is all about your Champions. You need to ensure that your Champions are strong so that you can continue to use them throughout the game. Do not waste your time or resources on Champions that you will never use. You should only invest your time and resources in Champions you are sure you will use regularly.

You need to ensure that your Champions are constantly upgraded and leveled up. This will help you prepare for battles. Spending too much time on Champions that you may not use in the later stages of the game will only lead to wasted time and resources.

Do your daily missions

You will receive resources each day by completing your daily missions. They are easy to complete and you will have resources long-term if you do not have the time. Daily missions are not too time-consuming and should be done regularly.

Grind, Grind and Grind!

You will need to farm and grind your resources, just like in other RPGs. This is an essential part of the game and you’ll need it at some point to earn rewards or level up your Champions. You can use grinding to help you advance through the game.

The Gem Mine is a great resource!

The Gem Mine will be unlocked at some point in the game. You must unlock it. You should prioritize the Gem Mine if you want to continue playing the game for a while. It will give you Gems you can use as currency. You won’t worry about running out of currency long-term.


Keep in mind that Raid Shadow Legends’ tier list is only intended to be a guide. It is a smart idea to invest in Champions that you feel are strong and capable of supporting you in later parts of the game. It’s always better not to assume that certain Champions won’t be of any benefit to you. So that the game goes smoothly, you must do what you believe is best for you as a player.


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