“Should I purchase Instagram followers?” is a common question we get. “Is it a good idea to buy Instagram likes?” and “Is it a good idea to buy Instagram followers?”

People that ask these queries are generally looking for quick strategies to expand their reach and boost their business results. We’ll go over some of the drawbacks of buying Instagram likes.

Will buying Instagram likes help me stand out?

No, in a nutshell, the answer is no! It may appear to be a good strategy to boost your brand’s visibility and gain more followers, but it will not improve your company outcomes. Not only will you waste money on something that doesn’t work, but it’s also possible that Instagram may delete your account.

Here’s why buying likes and followers is a bad idea, and what you should do instead.

Something fishy is going on, and everyone will realize it.

Have you taken the time to read Instagram’s Community Guidelines? One of the rules is that you should engage in genuine interactions. This implies that you should not:

Trading phony user reviews, buying likes, comments, or followers, or uploading repetitious content that spams people’s feeds are all examples of spamming people’s feeds.

If a user’s profile violates Instagram’s Community Guidelines, it will be deleted. Even if Instagram is unaware of a suspicious situation, other brands will.

Tools are used by brands who want to collaborate with other brands or influencers to determine who is worth their time. They’ll look at things like the average number of comments per post, historical cheap instagram views statistics, and how engagement has evolved over time, for example. If people notice that you’ve gone from 200 to almost 5,000 followers, they’ll immediately figure out what’s going on. People who buy likes overlook the fact that genuine people are uninterested in everything you post. If someone’s posts consistently receive the same degree of engagement, that’s a red flag.

They also have a variety of different tools at their disposal. They can, for example, utilize tools to see if your account has phony followers or bots following it.

Basically, this isn’t going to go as planned!

Having more followers does not imply that you will receive more engagement.

What your followers see on their feed is determined by the Instagram algorithm. They’re more likely to view your material at the top if it’s particularly entertaining and they interact with it frequently. It’s safe to say that chronological order isn’t coming back anytime soon. But how do these two things relate to one another?

Let’s imagine you bought likes for a while, and maybe you even bought followers in order to gain those likes. These could be accounts that like your material for a short period of time before disappearing. A sudden decline in engagement will be noticed by Instagram’s algorithm, and your profile will be pushed down in their feed.

Worse, because you might have 5,000 followers and 10 comments, the algorithm will figure out that your content isn’t engaging to everyone who follows you other than the ten people who responded. What a waste of time and money!

The quantity of likes has nothing to do with getting additional leads.

One of your aims while having an Instagram business page is to grow your consumer base. When you pay for phony accounts to like your stuff, that’s not going to happen. You didn’t pay them to buy your services; you paid them to like your content. Put yourself in the shoes of your followers. Why should they buy something with few reviews, nearly no mention of it in the comments section, and no pictures of other people wearing it? If anything, they’ll suspect there’s a con going on.

Other than buying likes, there are other ways to use social media to boost sales. Still, it isn’t that simple. It will need long-term preparation and effort to pique and keep the interest of your followers. You can achieve this by improving your social customer service, setting up an Instagram shop where your fans can buy straight from you, and reposting content from your followers that showcases your company (with permission, of course).

In either case, Instagram will hide likes.

Instagram is planning to hide likes, as you should have heard by now. You will still be able to view the number as the profile owner, but your followers will not.

You won’t impress anyone at the end of the day. Instead, they’ll notice that the post was liked by those they follow. That will be more intriguing for them regardless, because knowing that you and your buddies have similar interests is reassuring.

Instead of buying Instagram likes, what should you do?

I’m glad you inquired!

We could spend all day discussing this, but you’re probably seeking for a quick answer. Let’s get right to the point.

Find out more about your target market.

This is such an obvious choice. You may grow your business by learning more about your audience’s interests, demographics, and activities.

Do you already have a business account on Instagram? Great, now you can get free Instagram analytics by going to Instagram Insights. You’ll notice some basic demographic information about your target audience, including:

Age, Gender, and Location (city and country).

You can check out more demographics in Instagram Insights, but not all of them will be relevant to you. Some of these demographics will assist you in creating material that is more appropriate for your target audience. Most of the time, Gen Z and Gen X will not appreciate the same stuff, so keep that in mind. Start saving all of the information Instagram has to offer and keep track of any noticeable changes.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an Instagram reporting option that will generate reports or save data for you. Saving past Instagram data isn’t easy, but there are methods around it.

Sotrender can be used as an alternative to Instagram Insights or as an Instagram analytics tool. You can link your Instagram account to the app and study your Instagram data across longer, customisable time periods. Even the graphs are interactive, allowing you to obtain the data that you are interested in.

Historical follower demographic data is represented in an interactive graph.

To check follower growth in specific nations, I opted to omit a few countries from the graph. Simply click on the legend labels to check for a given demography.

Oh, and if you want to see what you posted on a day when your number of followers drastically changed, simply click on the graph, and the post will appear!

You can use this information to generate better content and engage your audience now that you know how to acquire it!

To find the correct audience, use the right hashtags.

Isn’t it your desire to expand your reach and gain more followers? You may accomplish this in a very simple manner.

When you use hashtags correctly in your posts, you’ll gain more followers who are interested in that hashtag. There’s a larger likelihood that users will follow you and participate with your posts if you utilize a relevant hashtag. Furthermore, if the Instagram algorithm discovers that you’re frequently adding unrelated hashtags, it won’t favor your photos or account.

So, when choosing a hashtag, what should you bear in mind?

The hashtag’s popularity is important. You can utilize more popular hashtags if you have higher engagement because you still have a chance to stand out.

Use a hashtag that hasn’t been used more than 50k times if you have a smaller account or poor interaction rates.

You don’t have to use all 30 hashtags just because you can.

For better results, we recommend reading our guide on how to use hashtags on Instagram. You’ll get a detailed but easy-to-understand explanation of what to think about when choosing a hashtag to utilize on your social media postings.

Find out what your audience wants by interacting with them.

So, you’re ready to obtain specific advice on what to publish to gain more followers.

The first step is to begin conversing with your audience in a productive manner. There are numerous ways to learn more about their passions. You are able to…

In an Instagram Story, ask them about their preferences. Use polls, quizzes, sliders, and questions in Instagram Story maker to gather more organized responses from your audience. Try telling a “this or that” scenario in which you urge them to pick between two goods, material, or individuals who are of interest to them.

Publish a post in which you ask for feedback in the comments or for them to DM you (this could potentially take up a lot of time in comparison to the Stories).

Over Instagram DMs, ask whether any of them are interested in participating in a focus group. That manner, highly interested users can communicate with each other and with you. Inquire about specific items, how you can improve your client service, and what they’d want to see more of. There’s a reason why market researchers use focus groups so frequently.

All of these comments and exchanges will not only improve your relationship with those who already follow you, but they will also assist you in gaining more followers. Because your material is more relevant to them, your followers are more likely to share it, and it may also be relevant to their friends.

Set aside a portion of your marketing money for something that really matters.

We hope we were able to persuade you that buying Instagram likes is unnecessary. There are a slew of additional things you may do to increase your following and keep it active. Just keep these crucial points in mind:

Buying likes will not increase your revenues; Instagram likes will vanish after a short period of time, so no one will be wowed by the quantity of likes on your post, and no one will trust your profile because you’re being deceptive.


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