It is one of the most important decisions that adults can make. A tricycle for adults is an excellent, safe option to get outside. A 3-wheel bike is safer, more stable, more comfortable than an ordinary bicycle.

AdultTricyclesPro is a group of avid bikers, hikers and trikers, as you can see from the name of our website. Our obsession is helping people find the perfect adult tricycle bike to get out and get some exercise. We did a lot of research to identify the best adult tricycles. Although it was difficult because there are many companies making questionable products, we did manage to come up with some solid options, which we will share with you!

We reviewed and reported on the top adult 3 wheel bike. We looked at well-known brands like Schwinn and smaller companies that we hadn’t heard of. Your needs, budget, and preference for models will all play a role in choosing the right model. We hope that everyone, from novices to advanced outdoor enthusiasts to those who are just starting with a trike for adults to those who want to learn more about the best options for them, can find the best three-wheel bikes and the latest information to help them choose the right one.

Why do you need an adult tricycle?

Tricycles for adults are designed to enhance everyone’s enjoyment of riding and provide greater safety. You will find them more comfortable and less painful than other forms of exercise, especially for your hips and knees. They have many features that make them extremely useful for people who want to keep active, such as baskets for carrying gear or groceries, flags and bells for safety and more comfortable seats than any other bicycle.

Our Top Choices for the Best Adult Bicycle

It was not an easy task. It is difficult to choose a three-wheel bike. It was difficult to narrow down the list to just a few top choices. We decided to recommend only those products we liked. After much deliberation, these are our top picks. For individual product reviews, and information about our testing process, continue reading.

Continue reading for photos, detailed reviews, and details about the testing that went into deciding on our top picks.

How the 3 Wheel Bikes were Tested

It was not an easy task to test the best adult tricycles. Like other cycling-related testing, there are many variables that can affect our results. These variables include the climate, the environment in which we are testing and the weather on the day we test each trike.

Also, we wanted to test the tricycles on a variety of terrains. We wanted to see how they perform on open roads, narrow bike paths and gravel. However, most riders will spend most of their time on paved roads or bike paths. This is why the test had to focus on that.

We also wanted to see how the bikes did with additional tasks. We wanted to see how the bikes performed with extra gear or a basket. What were the weight and dimensions of the items? Was it easy to load the cargo?

Boulder, Colorado – Testing

AdultTricyclesPro, which is located in Boulder, Colorado, has a lot to offer. We have a variety of trails and off-road areas as well as gravel paths and paved and unpaved roads. There are also plenty of sunny days for testing. We used the Boulder Creek path and Goose Creek path for our main testing route. There was also a large hill that we had to climb and descend to reach the other creek paths. A few grass and off-road areas were also created for bikes that can handle it. Some bikes, especially those with smaller wheels, weren’t well-suited for off-roading.

It was hard work! We hope you find the detailed reviews useful and enjoyable.

Review of the Best Adult Tricycles

1. Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

Schwinn is the most famous bicycle brand in America. It was founded in 1895, and was the largest producer of bikes in the country for the majority of the 20th century. Although it is now owned Pacific Cycle, the company still produces great bikes like the Meridian Adult Tricycle. The frequency that small brands would appear and disappear was one of the greatest challenges when choosing adult tricycles for testing. This was not only a problem for us but also a real downer if you buy a tricycle off-brand from a company that disappears a year later.

Schwinn is a company that you can trust to still be around in the future if you need parts repaired or added to your bike. Although the brand is more reliable and offers better customer service, the trike will be slightly more expensive than some other options.

Facts and Figures:

  • You have the option of 26” or 24” wheels
  • For maximum comfort, large spring-loaded seats
  • Rear storage basket foldable
  • Manufacturer suggested weight limit: 300 pounds

The Meridian is more than just a brand name. The 26” and the 24′” wheels are available. The difference in size between the two isn’t too significant, but the smaller wheels will make the bike lighter and more comfortable for smaller riders. The 26” is recommended for taller riders and those who are larger. The 24” wheel is best for those between 5’10 and 5’10”, while the 26′” is suitable for anyone between 5’5’0 and 6’2″. You can choose either the 26” or 24″ wheel if you are in the middle. Because of its smoothness and comfort, we think most people will choose the 26″ wheel option. You won’t notice any difference in either option. The sizes of both bicycles are very similar, so you won’t have to worry about flat repair or replacing tires like with trikes with smaller wheels.

The Meridian is a solid aluminum frame with a low step-through that makes getting on and off the trike simple. It also has quality construction and a beautiful design. This made it our top choice for riders who are just starting out or looking for a slower pace.

Pros and Cons of the Schwinn Meridian

  • A trusted brand. Schwinn will be there for you for many years. They will still be there to help you if you have a problem or need to repair it.
  • This bike is great for beginners. It’s solid and easy to use. While some may not like the fact that this bike only has one speed, it reduces the complexity of the bike and makes it easier to fix any problems that might arise. The Meridian allows you to ride the trike without worrying about gears.
  • Mid-range price range. Although it’s not the most affordable, it’s also not the most expensive. We think it is great value for what you get.
  • Large storage compartment. Foldable basket to store groceries or a backpack. Not suitable for children. ).

Cons of Schwinn Meridian

  • Single speed. This is a good option for beginners, but it can limit your options, especially if you live in a hilly region.
  • This trike is a bit heavy. It’s not something you want to be carrying for long distances. This shouldn’t be a problem if you plan to ride it most of your time.

2. Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Tricycle for Adults

Our most feature-packed tricycle, the Mantis Tri-Rad adult bike is the Mantis Tri-Rad. It folds up and can be used in either single-speed or 6-speed settings. There are also options for 20-inch and 24-inch wheels. This tricycle is the best choice for anyone looking for a tricycle that can fold up and fit in the back of a car. Be sure to check all options before you place your order. You should choose one of the 6-speed options if you are looking for a geared trike. Also, be sure to check the description about the size of the wheels as some will have 20-inch wheels while others will have 24 inch wheels.

The Mantis Tri-Rad’s gear options and foldability are not the only things that make it great. It also has a steel frame which allows for heavier loads to be carried and maximizes durability. The Mantis Tri-Rad comes with a front bumper to prevent mud and water from splashing onto you, a rear basket to carry up to 40 pounds of grocery or gear, and a bell to let others know that you are coming up behind you. There is also a chain guard to protect clothing from getting caught in the gears and chain.

Mantis Tri-Rad comes unassembled. You don’t have to put it together yourself. However, most local bike shops will be able to help you.

Facts and Figures:

  • Fork and frame made of steel
  • You can choose between 20-inch and 24-inch tires. The 6-speed currently only has 24-inch.
  • Size folded: 35 inches by 30-inches x 31-inches

Pros and Cons of the Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Tricycle

  • This is the 6-speed option. We chose this option because it was a great option for people who want a folding tricycle with gears. We haven’t had any issues with the gearing system. Online reviews were positive and consistent with our experience. Because tricycles weigh more than bicycles, gears are important if you live in a hilly region.
  • Foldable. This is another distinctive feature of the Mantis Tri-Rad. Although it is slightly larger than normal, it can still be folded down and fit into a car of any size.
  • Steel fork and frame. Steel is the best material for strength. Although it is slightly heavier than aluminum, it can withstand more weight and carry heavier loads.

The Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Tricycle

Quality issues. We have seen many reports about bent or scratched parts on the Mantis. You should inspect the trike before you pack it. If there are any problems, you can immediately return it.
Full Assembly Required. This bike is delivered completely assembled. It will take you at least an hour to put it together, or it will cost you to hire a shop to do it.

3. Barbella 7-Speed Adult Tricycle

Barbella is a relatively new brand in adult tricycles, but initial reviews have been very positive so we decided to include them in our list. We tended to stick with more well-known brands to ensure that the warranty and service are still available if needed.

Barbella’s 7-speed option is the best, and it comes in many colors. You should be careful when ordering, as they also offer a single-speed option. Make sure that the “7-speed” option is selected so you can get the trike that you desire.

Facts & Figures:

  • Riders up to 331 pounds can be accommodated
  • Single-speed and 7-speed options
  • 24-inch wheels
  • There are many colors to choose from

Pros and Cons of the Barbella 7 Speed Tricycle

  • 7 Speed gear option. This is a lifesaver if you live in a hilly region. It is also very durable and should not need much maintenance. The gears are the most susceptible to a bike or trike breaking down. If you don’t use them, the single-speed option may be more convenient.
  • Comfortable seat. Some people prefer the Barbella trike to be a little more upright than other options. To maximize comfort, the seat includes a backrest.
  • Larger basket. This makes it easier to haul groceries and other items around.

Cons of Barbella 7 Speed Tricycle

  • Assembly is required. The Schwinn might be a better choice. If you’re interested in attempting the assembly yourself, you can find many videos online. You can do it, but it might take a few hours.

4. Vanell Adult Mountain Tricycle

Vanell’s Adult Mountain Tricycle was designed for larger riders, and can also be used on rough terrain. At 400 pounds, the Vanell Mountain trike has the highest recommended weight limit among all trikes. These are the weight limits the manufacturer has tested the tricycle to. You should use them only as a guideline. The Vanell is equipped with mountain bike-style tires that provide better grip and have mud guards on each of its three wheels. This makes it ideal for areas with dirt, mud, and rough terrain.

The Vanell can also carry cargo well. The Vanell comes with a cargo basket measuring 18” x22” and 11” high. It can hold up to 60 lbs of gear.

However, there are some issues with this trike. It is only a single-speed trike, which is quite disappointing considering it was designed for off-road use. It would be more suitable for difficult terrain if it had a 6-speed option. It is also designed as a mountain bike and has a higher stepover than other adult trikes. The step over refers to the height at which your leg must rise to cross the bike. You will also need to lean over more when riding (as you can see, the handlebars are almost parallel to the seat in the photo), which places a greater strain on your lower back that options with more swept-back handlebars.

Facts and Figures:

  • Single speed
  • 20-inch wheels
  • 18” x 22 x 11’’ cargo basket with a 60 pound carrying capacity
  • Recommended weight limit of 400 pounds (rider plus cargo).

Pros and Cons of the Vanell Mountain Tricycle

  • Designed to be used off-road. It has tires similar to those found on mountain bikes, as well as mud guards that protect all three wheels. This allows you to travel through mud and gravel with no worries.
  • Large weight capacity. The Vanell’s carrying capacity is greater than any other option in terms of both cargo (upto 60 pounds) or rider (upto 400 pounds).
  • The most “bike-like”. This trike was the most “bike like” of all the ones we tried. The ride felt more like a tricycle than an adult tricycle. It had a higher center bar and a seat that was nearly level with the handlebars. You may not like this, but it may be the right choice for you!

Cons of Vanell Mountain Tricycle

  • There is only one speed option. It makes it a little more difficult to navigate hills.
  • High stepover. This makes it more like a mountain tricycle but can be a problem if you have joint issues.
  • A more relaxed ride. This can put more strain on your back.

5. Mobo Triton Pro Recumbent 3-Wheel Bike for Adults

The Mobo Triton Pro, a brand that was founded in Los Angeles, California, over 20 years ago, is a pioneer in the world of cycling. Its goal is to promote recumbent tricycles, both for kids and adults, with three-wheel recumbents. The Mobo Triton Recumbent Trike has the best quality construction among all trikes that we tested. It is very durable. It also features a 10-slot adjustment system that allows it to be adjusted up to 16 inches in length. This means that riders can comfortably ride anywhere between 4′ and 6’3″.

Due to its status as the only fully recumbent tricycle, the Triton looks a little different than other trikes. The front wheel of each trike is 20 inches in diameter, while the rear wheels are both 16 inches. The advantage of using smaller rear wheels is that the trike can be pushed into tight spaces, such as through doors or behind SUVs.

The Mobo Triton Adult Recumbent 3WBike

Quality. This adult tricycle is the best we have tested. We found the adjustable frame to be very reliable. It allows you to adjust the length of your main bar to suit different height riders. Mobo claims that the trike can be used by anyone from 4′ to 6’3”.

Comfort. Once you’re on the tricycle, it is very comfortable to ride. It is more difficult to get on and off a recumbent trike than it is with an upright one.

Rear steering. This rear-wheel steering system allows for very precise control of your turns. Although you don’t have handlebars on a bicycle, it can take some practice to master the system.

Weighing only 44 pounds, this was the lightest trike that we tried. This might be a significant advantage if you plan to use it often. You can also ride the trike more comfortably, as you don’t have to carry all of the weight of larger trikes that we tested.

The Mobo Triton Adult Recumbent 3WBike

Moving on and off. Any recumbent will make this a difficult task. It is not possible to just swing your leg across the step-through frame as on traditional tricycles or bicycles. A recumbent requires you to sit down and place your trike on your back. The Triton’s seat is 12.5 inches high. This can make it a little difficult to maneuver.

The learning curve. Upright adult tricycles will require some adaptation from your previous bike riding experience, but recumbent three-wheel bikes will require a new set of skills. It takes practice to master the new system of turning that uses levers rather than a handlebar. It’s worth the effort, although you may need to practice it several times before you get it right.
Visibility. Because the recumbent sits lower than an upright bike, it’s harder to see if you ride on a road with cars. Brightly colored flags can be useful, but they could make you unnoticeable if the driver isn’t paying attention.

The Triton’s single-speed gearing system is another standout feature. The most problematic area of a bike’s gearing system is the chain. Derailleurs can become misaligned or loosen, and there are many other mechanical problems. This is why single-speed options are best for most people. Mobo makes high-quality parts to maximize the benefits of a single speed trike. The trike was a joy to ride even on hills where there might not be any other gear options. It is also easier to pedal the trike because it is a recumbent.

The Triton, like other recumbents that we have seen, has one major flaw: there is no cargo container or effective way to carry cargo. Also, the trike can only carry 250 pounds.

6. AddMotor Motan Motan M350 Electric 3Wer Electric Tricycle

This heavy-duty, cargo electric tricycle is made by AddMotor electric tricycles. You don’t have to add a motor, in case the company name was confusing. This premium electric trike is unrivaled in quality, durability, features, and price. It is designed for cargo and durability on a range of terrains as well as heavy-duty use. This trike is capable of traveling on sandy beaches and other off-road terrains, but you won’t get the same distance with the battery as on flat roads. This electric trike can replace a full-sized gas car with its fat tires, dual cargo basket (including the covered back cargo basket), powerful electric motor, and battery that allows you to climb hills.

Here are some quick highlights of the features that we love the most. The M350, which we are reviewing here, comes with dual cargo carrying bags. In addition, the M350 (closer photo below) includes a free cover for the rear cargo container. The manufacturer has rated this to allow cargo carrying capacities up to 100 lbs. The Motan M350 is capable of carrying up to 100 pounds of cargo. AddMotor claims that the Motan M350 can also carry 350-pound riders, giving it a total carrying capacity of 450 pounds. The trike can accommodate riders between 5’6″ and 6’6″. This was the most tallest trike accommodation we could find (most other trikes don’t recommend tricycles for riders over 6’2”, 6’3 ”).).

Review of the Motor in M350

The electric motor and battery combination are the most important features to look for in an electric trike. Motan M350 is equipped with a 750W brushless motor, and a 16 Amp Hour removable lithium-ion battery from Panasonic. This will depend on how much power you pedal and what terrain you are riding on. The trike has a 5-inch LCD display to show your power level. There is also a twist throttle that allows you to adjust the power and speed of the motor to the trike. This is particularly useful when you live in an area with high power requirements. The LCD display controls the headlight and is powered by the main batteries.

The M350 can be used in a wide range of terrains and environments. The M350’s 20-inch fat tires will give you great traction and support on uneven terrain, gravel, and sandy beaches. All wiring and connectors are water resistant so rain or splashing will not shorten your trike.


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