Let me use weightlifting—a lifetime of unrelenting obsession and pursuit of muscle inside the confines of a gym—to convey my viewpoint and stance on this world.

Where are you at this moment? I’m not referring to where you are physically. As you read this, I want to know where your mind is at. Do you have your attention? Are you ready and eager to learn something worthwhile?

Are you really here, or are you just aimlessly perusing this while you waste time at work or in class? Are you squandering your brief existence on this planet because you’re bored and in need of a little diversion from the harsh realities of life, much like a youngster whose brain has not yet fully matured?

Nowadays, the majority of individuals struggle to focus for more than 30 seconds. If you’ll be honest with me, you’ll see that I’m giving you my complete, undivided attention while I write this, pouring my heart and soul into it in the hopes that some of you will learn something useful.

So let me try my best to provide something of value to those of you who are among the few who are reading this with serious intent.

It all begins with a desire and a will to improve physically or mentally. Perhaps it began when you were a little child and, like me, you were the chubby kid that everyone teased. Or maybe you’re the skinny one and it all starts because you’re tired of being physically hurt by the obnoxious bullies at school. Whatever the motivation, you made the decision to start engaging in physical activity at some time in your life in order to better yourself. Even if it was done in haste at the time, your choice was wise.

You then begin to take action to improve your physical condition. You AGREE! You are immediately engrossed, and you put a lot of effort and energy into it. You value it and treat it like crap. You feel that burn and scream in pain filled with excitement before pushing past it. You pretend to be Arnold and scream at the top of your lungs as you curl up the weight as your mother yells at you for being too loud and aggressive in your basement.

In the intervals between or throughout the countless reps and sets, you immerse yourself in your thoughts. You see yourself as a superhero, protecting the defenseless and innocent from evildoers, slaying the powerful dragon, and saving the lovely princess from certain death.

As you push yourself to the utmost limit and envision all the things you’ll be able to achieve with these developing muscles, you scream in excitement and ecstasy with each rep.

Then, though, something occurs.

You were reprimanded for being passionate and intense as an adult and instructed to act your age. You’re made fun of for wanting to save the princess and play the role of the hero; that’s for youngsters and losers who never learned to grow up.

You’re told by society that your goals are unattainable and that you should conform to their standards.

In any case, who the fuck wants to be normal?

What admirable deed has a regular person ever committed? What exceptional deed has a regular person ever committed? Nothing! You see, it takes tremendous efforts to achieve such… EXTRA-ORDINARY.

Do you want to wander through this gift we call life like another sheep in the flock? No! No way! Most definitely not you, not you who are reading this material at this point. My friend, you are unique. You are a great person inside and out. You are gifted. And the general public, sheep, and society all seek to conceal it. They don’t want you to show off your brilliance because they are worried that it will reflect poorly on them. They might have to work harder as a result! They may come to understand that they are not living up to their potential as a result. They might become aware that they reside in the version of hell they made.

Your environment is modifiable. You ALWAYS have control over how you choose to react to any situation. You always have power over what you do. only you, by yourself! And if you have control over your behavior and how you react to things in life, you have control over your future!

We won’t stand by while they continue to repress it! We are all involved in this. Regardless of the upbringing you received, your skin tone, degree of financial prosperity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, age, or genetic makeup. You are just like the rest of us if you possess this uncommon and fantastic talent of having a strong will and a drive to be great.

To combat this normalcy-based culture, we must band together as brothers and sisters in iron arms. Be courageous, as I am sure you can. Begin to feel at ease with being uncomfortable OUTSIDE of the gym.

We learned it in the gym under the bar, so you know what it’s like to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones.

Be silent or put up.

Take the chance of getting crushed under the massive iron bar in exchange for the chance to succeed and beat your previous record! In the gym, we relish that sensation and thrive on being uncomfortable. It is how we improve and become bigger, stronger, faster, more resilient, and better! But, my buddy, that need not be restricted to or limited to the gym. This is applicable to all aspects of life.

As long as we actively recognize this and put it into practice on a regular basis, lifting those weights, pushing ourselves as hard as we can for as long as we can, and working toward those PRs in the gym aren’t all that dissimilar from life outside of the gym.

No matter what people may think of you or your goals in life, keep your attention on yourself.

After all, it’s YOUR LIFE, so what the heck. Why do you still do it for them?

Apply the goals, discipline, and trembolona enantato you learned in the gym to your daily life. You’ll soon come to understand that in order to be truly strong, you must be powerful on all levels of existence and being. Take part in additional activities that will strengthen your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual determination.

Everyone should be respected.

Choose the moral path.

Be a role model for people who are similar to you and us, as well as for the younger generation, which is watching everything you do.

Set an excellent example for others to follow by your deeds or inactions. The ability to exercise both discipline and willpower is crucial. No matter how risky or dangerous a scenario may be, have the perseverance to see it through (action). Avoid indulging in the bag of chips or making the decision to stop using the drugs, alcohol, or tobacco that you know are slowly killing you and robbing you of your greatness (in-action).

Great lives don’t come from living comfortably. Instead, they are formed in the furnace of Hell through hardship, constancy, and relentless hard work. Fire is used to forge iron. The iron MUST become us!

Discover your mission. Everybody has one. Fight to make it happen!

Take risks. Fail. Get up. Try once more. Don’t give up. Never, ever, ever give up!

Never allow yourself to leave the gym a loser, to quote the great Tom Platz!

Don’t end your life with regrets and what-ifs. Simply go for it.

Be quick to move. Choose glory. Exercise guts.

And just as we feel complete and happy after a fantastic training session when we leave the gym with nothing left to give, do the same with your life.

Let your inner brilliance blossom. Never apologize for being a unique individual; just be yourself!

Before you depart this planet, take the time to do something exceptional and wonderful.

Find your mission and live your life in accordance with it.


I am now retired...living "la dolce vita". :)