When storing certain pharmaceutical substances, it is essential to guarantee that temperature regulations are properly followed at all times. In several cases, such as with vaccines, some drugs, and blood samples, it is necessary to keep them at specific temperatures.

Because of this, you require high-quality cold storage equipment that will not compromise the contents or quality of the items that are kept in the storage facility. A wide variety of refrigeration and freezer units with segregated compartments and movable shelves are available for usage in a variety of settings, including laboratories, pharmacies, and other medical storage facilities.

There are several different sizes of MHRA approved warehousing UK cold storage facilities to choose from. Mini movable cold storage units, which can be moved from one site to another with relative ease, are among the smaller solutions available. A few further examples are 10ft units with complete redundancy on critical features, 20ft units with a 7-pallet capacity and independent refrigeration systems, as well as twin electronic temperature recording systems, among others.

Pharmaceutical cold stores with a capacity of 40ft and 45ft are larger in size and can hold 16 or 18 pallets of merchandise, depending on the manufacturer. These weatherproof gadgets may be used both outside and indoors, allowing for a more efficient use of available space while conserving energy. Additionally, they are equipped with a specific control panel that allows them to regulate the rotation of two entirely independent refrigeration systems at the same time.

Large mobile cold stores or walk-in cold stores are the best options if you need to store extraordinarily large quantities of medicinal products. It is possible to store up to 38 standard size pallets in units that are 16 feet wide. These units are designed for high-level product storage and quick stock turnaround.

Four independent refrigeration units are installed in each of these walk-in storage containers. It is possible to personalize them in terms of size and placement due to their modular architecture. Due to the huge amount of space it provides and its high adaptability, this walk-in unit is a good choice for stock selection.

Pharmaceutical doors that are specifically constructed for cold storage units can aid in the preservation of hygiene and the insulation of the unit. Remote temperature monitoring can also assist you in keeping an eye on the temperature of your gadget while you are not in the same physical location as the device.

Companies that specialize in temperature controlled storage can supply you with either an outright purchase or a lease of their products and services. So, based on how long you will use the property and whether or not you will require an upgrade, you can decide between renting and acquiring a unit.

The fact that cold storage unit suppliers often give maintenance and call out services allows you to feel certain that your on-site temperature-controlled equipment will continue to operate properly for the term of your contract with them.

A contingency cold storage facility is also available in the event that pharmaceutical supplies cannot be kept on site. It is possible to rent pallet spaces in temperature-controlled cold storage facilities that are closely monitored from a distance by specialized companies.


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